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Bee Clean Car Wash #1

16422 Nacogdoches Rd

San Antonio, TX 78247

Bee Clean Car Wash #2

21040 U.S. Hwy 281 N

San Antonio, TX 78258

Bee Clean Car Wash #3

13011 Silicon Drive

San Antonio, TX 78249

Bee Clean Car Wash #4

5810 Village Park

San Antonio, TX 78250

Bee Clean Car Wash #5

2244 FM3009

Schertz, TX 78154

Bee Clean Car Wash #6

2827 Olmos Creek Drive

San Antonio, TX 78230

Bee Clean Car Wash #7

926 North Loop 1604 West

San Antonio, TX 78232

Bee Clean Car Wash #8

715 Fillmore Drive

San Antonio, TX 78251

  • Use the bee regularly for car wash and vacuuming. Have been using the bee since it first opened. Great price plus freebies vacuum and bug prewash.😀

    Janet Jones Willinger Avatar
    Janet Jones Willinger

    Awesome wash! Very relaxing drive through. Loved all the smells of the awesome soap! Great quality wash. Our car never looked more shiny!

    John Pinson Avatar
    John Pinson

    Looking forward to the new location on 3009. A little closer to home.

    Mark Peters Avatar
    Mark Peters
  • Usually I only get the 4.99 wash and I am satisfied. The one time I wasn't I let one of the employees know and I was told to go through... read more

    Samantha Spencer Hrapek Avatar
    Samantha Spencer Hrapek

    I love taking my car to Bee Clean Car Wash! I love how customers get the option of full/self service. And, the price is reasonable too! I always use the... read more

    Desiree Diane Gonzales Avatar
    Desiree Diane Gonzales

    I ❤ Bee Clean car wash!! You have to try this place out! The best 🙂

    Angela White-Smith Avatar
    Angela White-Smith
  • Great price and great service. The only place I wash our vehicles!!

    Jackie Martinez Avatar
    Jackie Martinez

    Fast and inexpensive!! Free air and vacuums are a plus �

    Joy Weatherman Avatar
    Joy Weatherman

    Best value around. The Free vacuum and air is nice. Be nice if they had a wringer and rinse for chamois. Can't wait for the one to... read more

    Edward Garza Avatar
    Edward Garza
  • I go about every other week , every other month, I get there wax job , just to keep the shell of my car protected,
    You probably...
    read more

    Bill Liese Avatar
    Bill Liese

    Best car wash ever! Left there with shiny clean car!

    Elaine Fulmer Boyd Avatar
    Elaine Fulmer Boyd

    Best car wash in San Antonio!! Its awesome. Quick and convenient. I was incredibly satisfied

    Rudy Aleman Avatar
    Rudy Aleman

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