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Beau Campbell Avatar
Beau Campbell

I like the Bee Clean car washes. Especially #4. These guys run a great place here.

Mary Tyra Avatar
Mary Tyra

Great wash and free vacuum done. Y self. Easy and clean.

Nia Wright Avatar
Nia Wright

I love this location especially now that they have added the pressure blowers! Great, respectful staff and awesome packages!

Anne-Marie Jensen Avatar
Anne-Marie Jensen

Great customer service at this specific location!!! The Manager, Chris Lee, helped my fiancee & went over and beyond with his customer service and always operated with high integrity! He deserves a promotion and more service people should care to the extend that he did.

David Rincon Avatar
David Rincon

Hands down the B E S T place to take care of your vehicle.
Great customer service. I purchased a service plan for my three vehicles and it’s always a great experience.
Today, I posted a question in their website and within minutes, yes minutes, I got two phone calls with details that answered my concern.

I bring my three vehicles regularly and I always get compliments about how great they look.

Nice, clean, well organized and well managed site!

Looking for continuing doing business with this team for years and years!

Mia Butt Avatar
Mia Butt

Their basic car wash for 7.99 is hard to beat. They also have free vacuum service when you are done. Definitely recommend this place! I will be getting their monthly pass!

Bella Timms Avatar
Bella Timms

This place is always clean, which is great! Car washes are really good and their vacuums are AMAZING!!! Been coming here since they opened. Love it!!

Jessie Angel Avatar
Jessie Angel

The staff here are very nice and this location offers very quick and fast service.

Danielle Osadczuk Avatar
Danielle Osadczuk

My favorite car wash!! I drive pass 3 others just to come here!! Can't wait until they open the Patranco location !!

Johnathan Thompson Avatar
Johnathan Thompson

Good solid quick car wash. Hope once covid ends they will bring back the full service. But enjoy being able to quickly run the truck thru and get a good cleaning.

Autumn Gill Avatar
Autumn Gill

Love this car wash! Even the least expensive ($5 ) wash does a great job. The free vacuums work really well too.

Obed Munoz Avatar
Obed Munoz

Great place to wash your vehicles!! Excellent variety of wash packages which are competitively priced - plus free vacuums, free air for tires, and free bug wash!

Craig Spearman Avatar
Craig Spearman

Very affordable. I was happy with the wash pkg. I bought and will come back again.

Sandy Escobar Avatar
Sandy Escobar

Thanks Bee Clean! Since Covid, many business have had to come up with innovative ways to still provide safe and quality service to its customers. Bee clean opened up all of their self service stations in place of their usual full service care. Also, free vacuums and now compressed air to clean your car thoroughly. Oooh, that was FUN!

Les Sakaria Avatar
Les Sakaria

Love this place enough to get a membership. Nuff said. Don't wanna give you too much, go find out for yourself.

OG Thrax Avatar
OG Thrax

Love this place enough to get a membership. Nuff said. Don't wanna give you too much, go find out for yourself.

Rod Benton Avatar
Rod Benton

Good wash but not a lot of help from employees. They do not sell any thing to dry your car fully. (My fault for forgetting my own) the vacuum stations were clean and no excess trash anywhere. The vacuums were not as powerful as i would have liked. Had to pull stuff up to get the vacuum to pick it up.

Nic Avatar

The best automated carwash in SA, and just about best overall. I've been to good ones where you clean it yourself, to expensive places where they charge a ton to put it through an automated wash and do a quick "detailing" job, and I've been to places where they wash by hand and detail. Bee Clean is my go to for quality, price, and convenience, second only to the hand wash/detail spot.


Great car wash for $10. Be sure to use the free bug wash at the front. Vacuums work really well. Check for stuff stuck in the nozzle from previous users to make sure they are at full power. Trash cans are always empty and available. Plenty of room at the vacuums between cars. 😋✌💚

falisha shipman Avatar
falisha shipman

Attendant was helpful and had a positive attitude! Plenty of bays for vacuuming and detailing cars and trucks. Well maintained.
Good job!

Joey Garcia Avatar
Joey Garcia

Always love this place. Cheap, gets the job done. And never takes long. Even with a big line, you're still in and out.

Mark S Avatar
Mark S

Definitely one of their better locations. Only complain is that the final rinse leaves a little bit of soap on the vehicle..

Adam Ross Avatar
Adam Ross

Always a great wash and never too full to vacuum out your vehicle.

Randy Gutierrez Avatar
Randy Gutierrez

Love this place it's awesome and my daughter loves the lights when we go in and also love the vacums are always running.....

Britney Young Avatar
Britney Young

I am pleasantly impressed by this car wash! I’ve been driving past it for quite some time now, and finally decided to give it a try. The wash actually reached more of the spots that my usual gas station car wash misses, and the free bug wash scrubbing station is a very nice touch. I do wish that the vacuums had just a tad bit more suction, but hey, can’t beat free! It was an overall quick, painless and easy on the wallet experience and I will for sure be returning!

Catherine Taubert Avatar
Catherine Taubert

I absolutely love the high pressure on the vacuums!! Gets the inside clean and fast and efficient! Thank you.

Veronica Canfield Avatar
Veronica Canfield

Great place for a quick wash. Free vacuums make it worth it. Take some towels, rags and interior car cleaner and do a serious clean while you are there.

Kendra Alexander Avatar
Kendra Alexander

This place seems to have my car looking nicer than any other car wash in SA. I come here all the time.

Angel Torres Avatar
Angel Torres

Best car wash in the area. Prices are awesome and the staff is very patient. They responded well through the covid crisis and set up social distancing while continuing to provide great service.

Angel Torres Avatar
Angel Torres

Best car wash in the area. Prices are awesome and the staff is very patient. They responded well through the covid crisis and set up social distancing while continuing to provide great service.

Alex Delgado Avatar
Alex Delgado

Great, only thing is that when I went to park and use vacuum some didn't have pressure. I tried to see if it was just me, but when I went to go vacuum it couldn't even pick up a piece of lint.

Robert Castillo Avatar
Robert Castillo

For Teacher Appreciation Week they gave all teachers with an Employee's ID a free Bee Hive car wash which is their best car wash. That was so awesome & greatly appreciated. Thank you.

ryann cecci Avatar
ryann cecci

The crew Is always thoughtful and helpful. They even took the time to educate me about what band washing your vehicle can do over time to the paint. I am always impressed when I get my car washed here. Thanks team!!

renee cipolla Avatar
renee cipolla

Roadtripped. Bugs galore. Came here extra dirty. Left, Super Clean‼ Happy!!!

Adriana Otero Avatar
Adriana Otero

They improved the air drying system. No more scratches on my car.

Hussein AL Janabi Avatar
Hussein AL Janabi

They have wonderful customer service, me and my brother in law went to wash our cars today and while we were vacuuming, my brother in law had vacuumed his keys and there is no way to retrieve it but the assistant manager John was able to shut down the vacuum mechanic after apologizing to all the customers and got the keys back to us 😊
Thank you John you are best ❤️❤️❤️

Charlie Ledesma Avatar
Charlie Ledesma

They gave me a free car wash for Teacher Appreciation week. I really do appreciate it. Very nice and awesome wash.

Matthew Flath Avatar
Matthew Flath

You know, my car is a Hatchback and it has a few spots that other places NEVER can get cleaned. Bee Clean hits all the right spots, get under the hatch and the wheels always look great.
Signed up for their monthly club and now I can go through twice a week. Car is always clean as a whistle

Donna Gentry Avatar
Donna Gentry

I love this car wash. It’s the best in town. So sorry to say that they remove the canopy and the tools for the complete wash, I will Miss having my car detailed and the friendly employees that work there. Hoping they bring back the complete detail sometime in the future!!!

Beverly Lee Avatar
Beverly Lee

The line moves at a steady pace, my car always lools great, and the cost of service fits in my budget.

Debbie Whitecotton Avatar
Debbie Whitecotton
positive review 

I am thrilled that Bee Clean Car wash is now near our home. It is by far the best car wash I have ever used, not to mention affordable. We used to drive clear over to the other location. The service does such a great job, the employees are very friendly and it is always kept clean around the area. I hope you give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

Amaris Leifur Avatar
Amaris Leifur
positive review 

Very detailed and affordable! My husband was so excited when he saw a Bee Clean Car Wash being built near our house it is the only car wash place we go to now!

Robin Finch Avatar
Robin Finch
positive review 

Thank you for giving me and my partners at HEB free car wash. Thank you for thinking about us during this time of our hard work and dedication to our customers.

Emily Knodell Avatar
Emily Knodell
positive review 

Thank you for giving H-E-B partners a free car wash! It means a lot that you guys are helping during these crazy times. I took my car to get washed today and it was very efficient and did a wonderful job!

Eric Tye Avatar
Eric Tye
positive review 

Great wash run by amazing people. It says something about leadership when a company gives free washes to health professionals. Take that to the next level and give free washes to H-E-B employees during a virus pandemic. That’s next level networking.

Jeff Williams Avatar
Jeff Williams
positive review 

even with the cheapest wash you get a great wash! hadn't driven my truck in over a year and all the stuck on dirt was washed away

Justin Lee Avatar
Justin Lee
positive review 

I’m a nurse and I’m thankful for this great place! Thank you for contributing positively to our community. Highly recommended.

Johnnie Medina Avatar
Johnnie Medina

Always like this place. And truly appreciate giving nurses free carwash! Thank you.

Gregory Graley Avatar
Gregory Graley
positive review 

I just love the simplicity of how neat and clean,👍👌👍👌 every Bee Clean Car Wash has been. Everytime I have gone there, the lines move quickly, and the people seem so happy on how sparkly their vehicle looks when done. And the free vacuum and air for your tires are a bonus. They think of their community, and offer an occasional pass for people who do good for the town. Thanks, Bee Clean, for thinking of all those that serve our neighborhood, and keep going strong.....

Jim Potts Avatar
Jim Potts
positive review 

I love Bee Clean Car Washes! I refuse to wash my car anywhere else. With four kids my car is always in need of a good car wash, and Bee Clean never disappoints. Best Carwashes Ever!

Casey Brandes Garcia Avatar
Casey Brandes Garcia
positive review 

Every time I show up to any bee clean car wash every employee is super friendly and willing to help. The only place I will ever get my car washed. Best car wash in town hands down.

Michelle D'Uva Avatar
Michelle D'Uva
positive review 

When I first moved to San Antonio, nearly 7 years ago, a new co-worker recommended Bee Clean Car Washes. To this day, it’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received. I’ve lived in 5 states and Bee Clean is my favorite of anywhere I’ve been! Their variety of options, service, and price point is top notch! As a realtor who finds themselves all over our great city, I really appreciate their many locations. And as a baseball momma, I LOVE to take advantage of their full service offering at the 281 location once a month for that deep clean. Bonus: they’re frequently giving back to the local community in a variety of ways. Good stewards and a great local business! #feedthebee

Heather Lary McCooey Avatar
Heather Lary McCooey
positive review 

They really are the community car wash that cares. Really giving back and always finding ways to improve the processes with the customer in mind. Thank you. Love the monthly pass option.

Travis Springfield Avatar
Travis Springfield
positive review 

We love Bee Clean! Theft are always friendly and efficient!

Fred Weber Avatar
Fred Weber
positive review 

It's very nice being able to clean this pollen off my car when so much is shut down. Saw a guy cleaning all the vacuum handles as well, it was a nice touch given what's going on right now. Thank you for what you do!

Danni Springfield Avatar
Danni Springfield
positive review 

I love Bee Clean. Super fast with friendly service. Gets my car so clean!

Andrew Leal Avatar
Andrew Leal
positive review 

The new location #6 . WOW! Amazing customer service. Thank you for the free car wash. The gentleman did a great job explaining the benefits of the washes and any questions that I had. It was on 3/13 Around 5:00PM . This is my new favorite car wash place!

James Swank Avatar
James Swank

Heard about this place. Came in and they answered all my questions and ended up buying a pass. Good place

J S Avatar

Heard about this place. Came in and they answered all my questions and ended up buying a pass. Good place

sweetnez Fleur Avatar
sweetnez Fleur

Great customer service by the young man changing the water by the bug station on3/6/20 around 1:30pm he was . helpful and provided great customer. This is by far a great carwash and many options to choose from.

Melissa Soefje Avatar
Melissa Soefje

The best car wash ever. They dont even have to scrub the vehicle with any harsh tools or brushes to get the bugs and grime off the front end and they do like a mini detail on your vehicle . And for way less than the wash tub or any other car washing town. Quality is #1. Thanks

Dominic Avatar

It's quick and easy to get in and out of, even when they're busy. Driving a wider car usually means that a lot of spots get missed in other drive through car washes but Bee Clean has only missed a few small spots. I will definitely be going back.

Surgess Santacruz Avatar
Surgess Santacruz

Great place wish they had someone who would scrub the car before the wash

Jessica San Miguel Avatar
Jessica San Miguel

Understanding staff. I had to run my car through wash 3 times after scrubbing with bug wash brush. Never gave attitude, they were happy to help. Nice service.

Jennifer Baker Avatar
Jennifer Baker

First time here, the wash was good, I had gotten the 9.99 one. The bay itself was a wee bit stinky and not all the vaccum areas were ready for use. Ended up going home to do my own in this department but great for a quick wash

Rachel Treiber Avatar
Rachel Treiber

Great company with employees that always go above and beyond. Awesome car wash I love their wash packages! Great value car wash for a reasonable price! 🐝❤️🐝

Valentina Bazan Avatar
Valentina Bazan
positive review 

Hot bee wax is awesome. They have free air, vacuum and wash bugs which really comes in handy n great cus u only pay for ur cash wash n wax 5.99$ can't beat that.

Rosie Martinez Avatar
Rosie Martinez

Me husband when at 10.30 last night we got best service ever since we live here for last 3years Cole by Sontera and stoneoak Thank you so munch

Mike N Avatar
Mike N

Good prices on carwash. Tire shine machine could work a bit better. Vacuums are great. My 1st choice carwash I go to.

Curtis Hatfield Avatar
Curtis Hatfield

Wash #2 off of 281& Evens. I took my car in for a wash, and towel dry! Amazing Chase (the manger) made sure this team was giving every car the same amount of care. No matter what wash you payed for. The place was clean, and happy employees, everyone was so respectful to there guest! I’ll definitely be coming back when Chase is working!

Jeremy Bellman Avatar
Jeremy Bellman

Talon and David did an amazing job hands down!!! They definitely went over and beyond to make my F250 look great!! I look forward to continuing to use Bee Clean and their great staff

Travis Hampton Avatar
Travis Hampton

I'm a fan of all Bee Cleans but this one stands out above the rest. Best car wash tech yet. Same awesome speed through the lines. I have started making this location "my location" and my go to after work stop for a carwash.

Sandra Ites Avatar
Sandra Ites

As a teacher, it was so nice to receive a gift card for a free car wash. Not from a student, but from the Bee Clean Wash! They made a donation to every staff member at Specht Elementary School in Comal ISD as part of our "12 Days of Christmas!" But it got even better when I went to redeem my car wash. First, the Queen Bee wash package was awesome--every part of my car was clean and shining. Then, I went to their free vacuums and was in the process of vacuuming when MASON C. came over to say hello and let me know he wasn't too busy so he could take my floor mats to their machine for a professional cleaning. WOW! And he refused my tip saying he was glad to help. That is when I told him I was a teacher and his company had donated free car washes to my school. He said he knows how hard teachers work and he was happy he could help me out too. I had tears and a big smile on my face as I drove away in my clean car. Thanks Bee Clean Car Wash! I will be back. (Evans Road location)

Kimber Martindale Young Avatar
Kimber Martindale Young
positive review 

My kids beg to get the car washed here and I love the free vacuums and free air!

Jeramy Anderson Avatar
Jeramy Anderson

They have air for your tires free vacuums with unlimited amount of time and pretty reasonable rates for the car washes. The only thing that I will say is the credit card machines can be finicky so make sure you definitely bring cash as a backup because there's no way to back out if you don't. there is a call attendant button and no circumstances, but it does take a while cuz there's not very many workers.

Ahmed Alameri Avatar
Ahmed Alameri

I tried all the car wash places in the city and I think this is the best one so far thumbs up.

Rocky Morales Avatar
Rocky Morales

Great location. Best car wash that's affordable. The vacuums work very well!!! If you haven't tried it you need to! We wasted so much money on other car washes to find out that the vacuums don't work!

Kathy Baker Avatar
Kathy Baker

Bought gift cards, made a great gift at Christmas. Very nice gentleman helped me and I will buy again!

Jessica Jahns Avatar
Jessica Jahns

Excellent experience and everyone was so nice! Talon was super detailed and Made sure my car was spotless! They spoiled us teachers for Christmas and it was so appreciated. Definitely recommend!

Ryan Powell Avatar
Ryan Powell

The line if any moves quickly and efficiently. The price is solid especially on a monthly plan, however they do have occasional equipment issues that generally don't affect the wash, but could easily be remedied with some preventative maintenance.

Sheila Gentry Herrera Avatar
Sheila Gentry Herrera
positive review 

It cleans really good for the prices it offers
I love it!

jeanna trometer Avatar
jeanna trometer

The price for the wash is great. 7.99 for the basic and 19.99 for the complete package. The wash does a great job. They have a station with brushes before the wash if you want to take care of smushed bugs or really nasty wheels. The vacuums are free and work really well. There's enough of everything. They also have a free air station.

Michelle Brivic Avatar
Michelle Brivic

I went in to have my truck washed and when detailing it I noticed two hot pink marks on both of my side mirrors.
I informed the gentleman who was working there, who was super nice and helpful and got a manager quickly, her name was Val and again, very helpful. She showed me the video of where the marks were prior to my wash and sure enough, they were! They were not responsible for the damage but Val introduced me to Fred who showed me a couple of remedies for the damage. It worked! I was amazed! Thank you very much to all three of these employees! All went above the call of duty!!
We will definitely be back and I will continue to recommend your establishment!! Great job!!

Sean Michael Avatar
Sean Michael

So I basically love in my car with a really long commute and so does my son. At the time of this writing, he's a baby and makes a mess as one would expect a baby to do. During the week I work a regular job and on the weekends I tend to my ducks, chickens, and land. I also consult, and try to teach my son everything I can. One can see I have an extremely busy schedule. Thus, my car is (was) a friggin disaster. To those who don't know us, our car looked like a bunch of young Marines threw a party on the way to Tijuana. Nope...just me and my son doing our commutes.

We let it get to the point where I wasn't sure if we'd ever be able to trade it in because it looked so bad on the inside and the outside looked like our car rolled around in the mud then rode behind an asphalt paver. To be fair, with all the construction on I-10, we kind of did.

So I did a lot of searching for a real, true full-service, get out of the car and let someone solve my problem for me. I have neither the time nor inclination to do detailing on a car that looks that bad.

I rolled up to Bee Clean, and having never been there, went down the wrong route towards the Bee Clean crew. Virtually all of them go to school and look like they play football together. And they work together like it too. They're a team for sure. I was greeted with smiles and told them, "I've never been here before and my car is an absolute disaster. Can you help?" The reply of one future leader of America was simply, "Absolutely." He told me what to do and that they'd get us hooked up. I went through the super killer 3 minute car wash (car in neutral, foot off the brake) and it came out looking like it came straight from the showroom, but better. Then I went through the full service lane (they do have free vacuums and air...and for someone like me, big ol trash cans). I opened the car up, set the carseat aside (liability purposes) and the dream team worked their magic (sorry about the trash and food) and made the interior like new with a full detailing and new car smell. It was a smell I hadn't smelled since we first smelled that smell at the dealership. Remember that showroom shine? They made it better. For $40 and fresh air, it was money extremely well spent. My advice is tip your crew very well - I'm sure they appreciate it and there's an ATM in the waiting room if you don't have cash.

To the owners and operators of Bee Clean #2, definitely give it up for the crew who worked this past Friday afternoon. Also, you do know they charge $135 for this same exact service in California, right? I'm sure the economics of low prices are in your favor - low prices equals more customers and more repeat customers. You're doing it right. I should know. The next day I took in my wife's car.

To those reading this long review and wondering if it's real and if it's really worth it, absolutely. This is the only place in San Antonio to get your car really clean (unless you have a Ferrari LaFerrari parked at the airport then you already have that covered).

Michelle Matiya Avatar
Michelle Matiya

Loved this place! There was a bit of a wait (on a Monday afternoon, nonetheless!) but they were efficient at moving everyone along. I'm really satisfied with how clean they got my car!

Jeff Ybarbo Avatar
Jeff Ybarbo

Cleans good but they need a stronger/better blower. Female attendant will not smile at anyone and looks like she does not like her job.

Jaime Amador Avatar
Jaime Amador

Tried the hot honey wax, did make a difference. Car was very shiny afterwards. Unfortunately, we live on a ranch and it's very dusty. Car needed another wash less than 3 days later

Arthur Carter Avatar
Arthur Carter

Best wash for the price. Car looks great all for under 10 bucks

Ms TT Marie Avatar
Ms TT Marie

Not bad at all for an Express car service. The place gets the job done!

Jalen Green Avatar
Jalen Green

Great wash for a great price, I moved further away from you and I miss getting my baby cleaned once a week, gotta do it every other week now cuz of these prices

Haley E Avatar
Haley E

I love this car wash because it gets the job done. However I still get terrified that my car is moving by itself in neutral as giant machines scrub my car down and make it pitch dark inside. It's an adventure everytime for sure!

Tina Rivera Avatar
Tina Rivera

Five bucks, actually $4.99...they donate that penny to St Jude's. There's a spot when you pull in where you can scrub the bugs off the grill and the windshield. Pull in, pick your wash and pay at the machine. The gate raises so you can pull thru. You're guided into the entrance...the wash is thorough and fast. On the other end, there are vacuums with enough power to damned near take up the carpet. I'm a fan.

Mark Kozielski Avatar
Mark Kozielski

Always use full service, staff does a great job, and no annual fee! Recommend to all.

Stephanie Luna Avatar
Stephanie Luna

Consistent and reasonably priced. It's a great model run really well.

Roy Eby Avatar
Roy Eby

Excellent Management and staff. Thank You for what you have done for our family.
The service was outstanding and the quality was excellent as well.
We will highly recommend you to others.

Roy Eby Avatar
Roy Eby

Excellent Management and staff. Thank You for what you have done for our family.
The service was outstanding and the quality was excellent as well.
We will highly recommend you to others.

Mark Kozielski Avatar
Mark Kozielski

They do a much better job than the wash tub for half the price.

Rodrigo Rodriguez Avatar
Rodrigo Rodriguez

Good service here and wash is a bit cheaper than other places. The only set back is they dont have air to blast those places where you cant put the vacuum through it.

Jim Gallegos Avatar
Jim Gallegos

A place can be judged buy how it handles problems. I had an issue in the manager solved it quickly and in a professional manner. The staff is also phenomenal. I am a loyal customer and will continue to be so. I love Bee Clean.

Claudia Bernal Avatar
Claudia Bernal

Great service, area always clean, and FREE vacuums, air, and bug spot is awesome. I always go here to wash my truck. Car wash always has plenty of soap and works great. PRICES start at $5 I highly recommend.

Javier Padron Avatar
Javier Padron

Strong Vacums and super Great quick wash...
Wish they stayed open later, but a great place to be a club member to get washes daily on your ride. .

Irma Sanchez Avatar
Irma Sanchez
positive review 

3009 my car is there every week only place I can be queen bee 😂 but honestly love the way my car shines after running it through.

Derin Patel Avatar
Derin Patel

We had one time not so satisfactory experience but the manager got hold of us and rectified the situation. Extremely helpful and great customer service.

Richard Witowski Avatar
Richard Witowski

Great wash, I never utilize the free vacuums or the air but this location makes it very user friendly.

Hung Tran Avatar
Hung Tran

Quick and clean, their roller left swirls mark on plastic trimming. Would go to often if you have a new car.

Juan Rodriguez Avatar
Juan Rodriguez

The washing mechanism had a timing issue and didn't complete the wash. The manager was well aware of the issue and promptly issued a free upgraded wash.

Briana Moreno Avatar
Briana Moreno

I liked that they have a little pull up place that you get to wipe down your grill or other areas of your car to get stubborn dirt off BEFORE you wash your car. I love that you get the option to put air in your tires for FREE (after you pay for the actual car wash) and of course, Free vaccumes.

Kara Carter Avatar
Kara Carter
positive review 

love that my car is clean and fairly dry! best is the shiny tires

Emma W Avatar
Emma W

This is the only car wash I'll use now because THE VACUUMS. I can't be the only one right? Every car wash I go to the vacuums are broken or half broken or there aren't enough for everyone. Not so at this location. I've witnessed the employees exchanging the hoses on the vacuum system multiple times and I love that they always WORK. The car wash is a car wash and it's fine. The trash cans are never overflowing and gross like some places. Bring your own towels to give the car a wipe down when you're done. Oh, second best part, bug wash out front before you drive through to get the nasties off the front bumper. Works like a charm.

Mark S Avatar
Mark S

Came in late and the manager Brent was really good about getting my RF tag set up correctly so I can get the car washed. This was right they before closing. Car actually came out fairly clean, but I did the upgraded wash.

Felicia Warren Avatar
Felicia Warren

Upon entrance, attendant just let me know my tire pressure was low. I love above and beyond service! Thanks!

Felicia Warren Avatar
Felicia Warren

Upon entrance, attendant just let me know my tire pressure was low. I love above and beyond service! Thanks!

Tina Rivera Avatar
Tina Rivera

Five bucks, actually $4.99...they donate that penny to St Jude's. There's a spot when you pull in where you can scrub the bugs off the grill and the windshield. Pull in, pick your wash and pay at the machine. The gate raises so you can pull thru. You're guided into the entrance...the wash is thorough and fast. On the other end, there are vacuums without power to damned near take up the carpet. I'm a fan.

Malkea H Avatar
Malkea H

Cleans and dries my car very well. Reasonable priced. Free vacuums. Only negative is ironically there are alot of Bees flying around so they sneak into your vehicle lol.

Tammy Neal Avatar
Tammy Neal

First time here. No wonder it is packed! Car wash is cheaper than washtub and it did better on my windows. Much faster than washtub as it was a few minutes to wait and a few minutes more through the wash.
Only gave it a 4 because the suction on the vacuums was not strong. Gave a 4 because vacuums free!

Timothy Walker Avatar
Timothy Walker

Best wash in town. With over 200,000 miles on my truck people still ask if it's new and I have been using Bee Clean since they first opened the Nacogdoches location. Their tunnel does the best job of cleaning the summertime bugs off my truck.

Noe De Leon Avatar
Noe De Leon

Quick and easy way to wash your truck or suv free vacumm area with shade

Rhonda Lindner Avatar
Rhonda Lindner

Great car wash. Friendly staff members. Took great care of my vehicle.

Michelle Nemerow Avatar
Michelle Nemerow

My first time here today and they did an amazing job! Chase, the manager on duty was very kind. I would definitly come back, the staff and service was great!

Cynthia Lee Vanegas Avatar
Cynthia Lee Vanegas
positive review 

I have been coming here for years(281 location). I love the services I receive. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I have a family of 9 so my vechicle can get pretty dirty so we come to the bee clean a lot. I can’t say enough about how great they workers are. They really do such a good job and get me in and out. P.s the tunnel is great, the outside of my car gets really clean and the kids love all the colors and wash cycles.
Thank you guys for always providing such great service for my family.

Cindy Vanegas Avatar
Cindy Vanegas

I have been coming here for years. I love the services I receive. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I have a family of 9 so my vechicle can get pretty dirty so we come to the bee clean a lot. I can’t say enough about how great they workers are. They really do such a good job and get me in and out. P.s the tunnel is great, the outside of my car gets really clean and the kids love all the colors and wash cycles.
Thank you guys for always providing such great service for my family.

Torrie J Avatar
Torrie J

Thank you so much Fred! Went through the car wash once and I think I was the first one after maintenance but there was a few specs. I told the gentleman with the glass and right away he got the manager. Fred sent me back through and watch my car throughout the wash. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and resolve. I think this is my new car spot!! Thank you both so much!!!

Louie Cervantes Avatar
Louie Cervantes

It was so fast and my car stayed looking so good. I will be coming back soon. They also have free vacuum and free air for your tires. If you have never been there you need to give them a try.

Darlene Aquino Avatar
Darlene Aquino

Easy access. The monthly membership is a good deal as long as you use it

Gilda Riley Avatar
Gilda Riley
positive review 

The convenient locations, ease is establishing a membership for monthly washes and FREE vacuum!!! I’m happy i am a member.. .. having a clean vehicle is a breeze!

Sabrina Camacho Avatar
Sabrina Camacho

Wow. $5 drive-thru car wash and free vacuum? Sign me up! There's a group of young people at the entrance to align you up on the "tire grabber" to drag you thru the wash. That has got to be the most boring job. But I was very happy with the wash and have become a customer.

Charlie Villarreal Avatar
Charlie Villarreal

I always come here to get my car washed, and my car always comes out looking fantastic. They're thorough, but it never takes too long for these guys to get the job done.

Tatiana Clements Avatar
Tatiana Clements

I really like bringing my car here. I'm always pleased with the way it looks after the wash. Definitely worth your money!

Jose A Garcia Avatar
Jose A Garcia
positive review 

An amazing and inexpensive place to detail your 4 wheeled friend!

Michael Wiggins-Freer Avatar
Michael Wiggins-Freer

Great location and inexpensive even for their best wash. This is the best automated carwash I've ever been too, the car always comes out real clean. I just recently found out they sell microfiber towels for 2 bucks, they are pretty large for the price. Easily dried the whole car, door jams and inside windows. They've got more than enough vacuum stalls to tend to everyone even on the busy days.

Andrew Klein Avatar
Andrew Klein

Got friendly service when I inquired about the monthly pass and was very pleased upon using the wash for the first time.

I got the basic monthly wash service and the wash was more than sufficient. I have worked in the car detailing business and was very pleased with the outcome.

Vacuums are plentiful and there is free compressed air for cleaning/tire fill up.

10/10 recommend

Ross Keener Avatar
Ross Keener

Can't beat a good car wash for $5! With the exception of the bug guts om the front bumper, the wash took all the dirt. Great deal fir a quick drive through wash.

Jane Roberts Avatar
Jane Roberts
positive review 

This is the only place I will get my car cleaned. I used the Schertz location and always have great service and cant beat the price!

Jacqueline Peebles Avatar
Jacqueline Peebles
positive review 

I recently received the best customer service from the Schertz/Cibolo location!
I was charged twice for one car wash. After calling, I was told the wrong charge should drop off. Well, three days later both transactions were no longer pending and money was taken out of my account.
I called again, was told to come in. They refunded my car wash AND gave me a gift card. Very professional and polite young men!

Tim Munoz Avatar
Tim Munoz

Great place to get your car washed. Fast service and plenty of vacuums. Good prices.

Stetson Holland Avatar
Stetson Holland

Fred is AWESOME at this store! I'm here every 2 weeks and always a friendly, prompt and professional customer service from Fred! Had a great conversation today about how to keep your paint and vehicle in good condition. Very knowledgeable guy. Come here and Fred will take excellent care of you!

Becca Wilson Avatar
Becca Wilson

Free air and vacuum! The inside of my car gets much dirtier than the outside. So, I really need at least 20 minutes to get all the crumbs and muck my kids track in.

The wash is good, but not perfect.

I love that they donate money from each car to St. Jude.

Matt Hopper Avatar
Matt Hopper

I have enjoyed going to this newer automatic carwash lately. $15 gets you the works. Car comes out looking pretty good. FREE Vacuums! FREE bug wash station! They also have a monthly service/payment available

Greg praisley Avatar
Greg praisley

Just wanted to let everyone know including staff and ownership that this place is awesome. This was my first time here and I have to say that the job that the employees did was top notch. I appreciate the great customer service, and overall great quality of work you guys put out. Thank you I will definately be coming be coming back!!

Rae Rae Avatar
Rae Rae
positive review 

Best drive through car was I’ve ever used! I will go out of my way jus to clean my car here, rather than any other car wash! Reliable, consistent, and nice staff!!!

Chelsea Bolinger Avatar
Chelsea Bolinger

I went got the first time today. It was easy to navigate and lots of vacuum stalls even though it was busy. They even have a free section for just cleaning bugs off which is a nice touch. I know it's new, but they keep the whole area clean through the property.

I noticed the extra wax didn't light up and get applied when I went through.It was easy to find someone to talk to and go through again to address it. I thought the wash was great and will definitely be using this as my go to place.

Reginald Whaley Jr. Avatar
Reginald Whaley Jr.
positive review 

Good customer service and the machine not only clean your car very well, it shine your tires too... 🐝🐝🧼

Ben Franklin Brooks Jr. Avatar
Ben Franklin Brooks Jr.
positive review 

This spot is better than all the others!! Plus the car gets waxed!!

Susan Stanush Avatar
Susan Stanush

I love this car wash! Every time I come to shop off of I-10 I stop here to clean my car. Very reasonable for a great drive through car wash and vacuums are very powerful.. . I had a few questions for Jerry today and he was more than helpful. I have even told my friends to go there if they are ever in the area.

Daryl Sultemeier Avatar
Daryl Sultemeier
positive review 

My car looks as if he was professionally detailed after i drive thru!

Eduardo Avatar

Fast and great car washing options for all kinds of budget

Rajni Tejwani Avatar
Rajni Tejwani
positive review 

Awesome place for in and out to get my car sparkling clean!

Amy Ruane Slater Avatar
Amy Ruane Slater
positive review 

Shout out and a big heart felt thank you to the gentleman at the Schertz location! I locked myself out of my car while vacuuming last evening. Fred, the manager, came all the way from his house to help get my car open. The young men working were so helpful to me and were so genuine and nice.
I always have a great looking car when I leave Bee Clean, what a great establishment you have!
Thank you for everything yesterday, y'all were amazing. Merry Christmas!

Jay Morris Avatar
Jay Morris
positive review 

Kudos to Josh and Fred at 3009. They saw a problem with my truck getting clean, helped correct it, and ran my truck through again. Sparklely!

Tristan Cardenas Avatar
Tristan Cardenas
positive review 

Bee clean gave first responders a free wash this weekend so I decided to try it out. I must admit I really liked it. My Jeep came out way cleaner than expected. I will be coming back and thanks for the wash.

Melissa Macaluso Avatar
Melissa Macaluso
positive review 

Great convenience, the tire shine was a nice plus and vacuums were awesome!

Kris Miller Avatar
Kris Miller
positive review 

I have taken my car twice to the 3009 location and both times I have been really impressed with how clean my car looks! I also love the free vacuums. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Tristen Dungan Avatar
Tristen Dungan
positive review 

AWESOME experience! I have a matte paint job and my car still came out shiny! Free vacuums sucked up all things left behind by my kiddos. Definitely will be back!

Tammy Belew Diaz Avatar
Tammy Belew Diaz
positive review 

I just left Bee Car Wash and here is an honest review. 15 min total wait to get in and finish the wash. Not bad for free washes and long lines. It will take some time for me to learn to line up the car with the tracks but they have someone there to guide you. Ok I have a large SUV and at every drive through wash, the back is never clean or the tires. This wash will handle the larger vehicles. Only small detail was the water was not blown off on front passenger side windshield and it took me a few seconds to wipe that off. Also, remove all magnets on car as I lost one. Totally on me as no other wash ever blows these off. Look how clean and spot free it is! Another thing other washes never get is the tires and mine are not only clean but shiny. The vacuums are very strong so remove anything you don't want sucked up. This is the BEST drive through car wash!

TS Tech Avatar
TS Tech

This has to be the best car wash in San Antonio. The pieces are great and they will get your car sparkling. If you need anything extra just ask and they will gladly do it. Their process of washing the car first and then taking time to do the outside and interior cleaning is the reason why they can do whatever you need on your car. You can not go wrong going here.

Rodney Hassel Avatar
Rodney Hassel
positive review 

i highly recommend this place!!! truck cam out cleaner than any other place. excellent staff and very friendly too

Janet Jones Willinger Avatar
Janet Jones Willinger

Use the bee regularly for car wash and vacuuming. Have been using the bee since it first opened. Great price plus freebies vacuum and bug prewash.😀

John Pinson Avatar
John Pinson

Awesome wash! Very relaxing drive through. Loved all the smells of the awesome soap! Great quality wash. Our car never looked more shiny!

Mark Peters Avatar
Mark Peters

Looking forward to the new location on 3009. A little closer to home.

Samantha Spencer Hrapek Avatar
Samantha Spencer Hrapek

Usually I only get the 4.99 wash and I am satisfied. The one time I wasn't I let one of the employees know and I was told to go through again without charge. Afterwards my car was perfect! With vacuums on both sides I am able to vacuum one side while one of my kids vacuums the other and we are in and out within 10 minutes.


Bee Clean Car Wash Services

Our “Bee Hive” of Bee Clean Car Washes in San Antonio use the highest quality, most environmentally-sound car wash ingredients.
  • Use the bee regularly for car wash and vacuuming. Have been using the bee since it first opened. Great price plus freebies vacuum and bug prewash.😀

    Janet Jones Willinger Avatar
    Janet Jones Willinger

    Awesome wash! Very relaxing drive through. Loved all the smells of the awesome soap! Great quality wash. Our car never looked more shiny!

    John Pinson Avatar
    John Pinson

    Looking forward to the new location on 3009. A little closer to home.

    Mark Peters Avatar
    Mark Peters
  • Usually I only get the 4.99 wash and I am satisfied. The one time I wasn't I let one of the employees know and I was told to go through... read more

    Samantha Spencer Hrapek Avatar
    Samantha Spencer Hrapek

    I love taking my car to Bee Clean Car Wash! I love how customers get the option of full/self service. And, the price is reasonable too! I always use the... read more

    Desiree Diane Gonzales Avatar
    Desiree Diane Gonzales

    I ❤ Bee Clean car wash!! You have to try this place out! The best 🙂

    Angela White-Smith Avatar
    Angela White-Smith
  • Great price and great service. The only place I wash our vehicles!!

    Jackie Martinez Avatar
    Jackie Martinez

    Fast and inexpensive!! Free air and vacuums are a plus �

    Joy Weatherman Avatar
    Joy Weatherman

    Best value around. The Free vacuum and air is nice. Be nice if they had a wringer and rinse for chamois. Can't wait for the one to... read more

    Edward Garza Avatar
    Edward Garza
  • I go about every other week , every other month, I get there wax job , just to keep the shell of my car protected,
    You probably...
    read more

    Bill Liese Avatar
    Bill Liese

    Best car wash ever! Left there with shiny clean car!

    Elaine Fulmer Boyd Avatar
    Elaine Fulmer Boyd

    Best car wash in San Antonio!! Its awesome. Quick and convenient. I was incredibly satisfied

    Rudy Aleman Avatar
    Rudy Aleman

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