Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. What time does Bee Clean Open?

Open schedule can be found at the bottom of the page but we’re open 7:00am or 8am 7 days a week, 360 days a year. We are closed New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and Easter. 7 days a week.

Q. Does Bee Clean offer free air / free vacuums?

Yes, we are a community carwash and welcome anyone to use our free air for their tires or vacuums for cleaning the interior of their car without having to purchase a wash.

Q. Does Bee Clean vacuum?

We have 25-45 free self-service vacuums on all sites. Learn more about how to vacuum your car effectively.

Q. Is Bee Clean full service / clean inside and outside / interior / exterior?

We used to offer full service but no longer do. We’re adding two more rows of vacuums, free compressed air, a vending machine with sanitizing supplies and mat cleaners to our Bee Clean Car Wash #2 location for more of a self-serve safe option for cleaning the interior.

Q. Does Bee Clean do detailing?

No. Detailing is a $200+ service that includes pressure washing, steam cleaning extraction, waxing, paint correction, shampooing, hand washing etc.

Q. Does Bee Clean wash rugs / mats?

No but you are free to use our self-serve vacuums to clean your rugs and mats.

Q. Does Bee Clean hand wash?

As far as hand washing, we offer free stalls to do any bug-prepping before you go through the tunnel. To protect your car’s paint from bugs, know how to clean bugs from your car.

Q. Does Bee Clean provide wash myself / do it yourself / self car wash / self-service car washes?

The only self-service option we offer is free bug prep before entering the tunnel, a wonderful wash tunnel experience and free vacuums for you to use.

Q. Will my truck / Subaru Crosstrek / Ford Raptor etc fit in the car wash?

Mostly yes. Our height limit is 7’3” and our width on tires is 86”. So if your tires measure eighty six inches or less from outside to outside edge and your vehicle is under seven foot two inches tall, you’ll fit.

There are few rules with pickups:

  • Back/bed of pickups have to be clear and clean.
  • No loose hoses, straps or wires because we don’t want those to get caught in the neoglide wraps.
  • No aftermarket bike racks, headache racks, or anything else that attaches to the top, bottom or sides of your vehicle and aren’t standard from factory are liable to get held up in the tunnel or fly off and damage adjacent vehicles or equipment.
  • Triple ball hitches on the back of trucks need to be either removed, folded down or in some cases we can retract the brushes on the back of the vehicle so the wrap doesn’t get stuck.

Cars/Trucks that we can’t clean:

  • No dual rear wheel/DRW/dualies
  • No tires over 86 inches wide
  • No vehicles with aftermarket racks on top or on the back of the vehicle.

Q. Is Bee Clean touch free / automatic / touchless?

There is no touchless option. Bee Clean is a soft touch friction car wash. Touchless car washes use caustic, corrosive chemicals to remove dirt from vehicles that will eat away at the clear coat on your car’s paint faster than any friction car wash and will require wax every 3-6 months to protect your paint job. Our soft-touch, neoglide closed foam cell wraps are designed so they can NOT hold dirt that can scratch your car. The high-lubricity, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable soap we use is slick, high foaming, and allows our foam wraps to safely remove dirt and debris from your ride. The chemistry and titration of our soaps is carefully selected to account for seasonal variations in Texas such as pollen and humidity to provide the best clean and protection.

Q. Will Bee Clean Carwash scratch my car / paint?

We don’t scratch cars. The clear coat that is on top of the paint, can be marred anytime something touches its surface, however. This protective layer is 5-10 times thicker than the paint coat on your car and is designed to protect the paint job, but we always recommend waxing your car every 3 to 6 months to protect the clear coat. The online products on our higher end washes provide an extra sacrificial barrier to the elements, but we always suggest waxing your vehicle at least every 6 months.

Q. Does Bee Clean car wash offer any specials?

We offer specials/discounts on our website from time to time around holidays or on our app more frequently.

Q. Do you guys use pressure washers?

We do in our tunnels. Our 135-255 foot tunnels include multiple levels of redundancy including 3 wraps, several CTAs (car tire applicators), and Bison Brushes for scrubbing wheels. Where other small tunnel wash services include one level of brushes and wraps, we pack an array of duplicity to ensure as thorough a job as possible. There is high pressure in multiple applications, but we don’t use a pressure washer gun as you might see in a “wand off” self-serve car wash.

Q. Does Bee Clean use car wash tokens?

We accept cash, credit card, or you can buy car washes through our app. Washes on the app are generated and delivered with a QR code, you then scan at the kiosk from your phone.

Q. What’s the difference between the Bee Quick wash and rest?

The Bee Quick package is our basic package. Please see our car wash prices on the wash guide.

Q. What steps does Bee Clean take to remain environmentally responsible?

  • We employ a reclamation system that recycles water used in the car wash for cleaning the underside of cars.
  • All soaps we use are eco friendly and biodegradable.

Q. What water source does Bee Clean use?

We purify all of our water which is sourced from the San Antonio municipal water system which comes from The Edward’s Aquifer or the Trinity Aquifer. Because this water is so ‘hard’ and high in calcium and TDS (total dissolved solids), we soften, charcoal filter and run it through reverse-osmosis onsite to make it spot-free and purer than the industry-defined standard of 20ppm TDS.

Q. Can I do a fundraiser at your carwash?

For liability reasons we don’t allow third parties to come onto the site for fundraising. If you’re interested in how we might participate, please fill out our fundraising form online.

Q. What’s Bee Clean’s refund policy?

We have a clean car guarantee, we can run you through again; if ever have a question, please stop by the office and talk to our onsite manager before you leave and we will ensure you don’t leave the lot with a dirty car.

Q. Can I buy a gift card?

You can buy a carwash gift card in three different ways:

  1. You can buy one or multiple car washes through the app
  2. You can buy a gift card at any of our site in the office
  3. Gift cards can be mailed for free when purchased on our website

Q. What are the benefits of a monthly pass?

One low monthly price and you can wash every day. Everybody buzzes better when they are clean.

Q. How many washes can I get per day with my monthly pass?

Our monthly pass is programmed for 1 wash per day

Q. Can I put multiple cars on a monthly pass?

You can only have one monthly pass per vehicle, but we can put more than one vehicle on the account. There is not a discount for multiple cars on an account.

Q. Can I upgrade my pass?

You can upgrade your monthly pass in three different ways:

  1. At the wash you just have to press “change selection” button and pay the difference
  2. You can email us to upgrade your monthly pass
  3. You can visit one of the wash offices and we’d be happy to help

Q. Can I buy a yearly pass? Is there a discount?

We don’t currently offer a yearly pass on our app but if you would like to purchase one you can purchase one on our website and we will activate and place tag at the wash location of your choice. Yearly passes net an additional 5% discount.

Q. Does Bee Clean offer a rain guarantee?

We only offer a rain guarantee on the Top Bee Package at Bee Clean #2.

Q. I live in Spring Branch, Seguin, etc. When is there going to be a Bee Clean coming to my town?

You can visit the site for location updates and send us a message if you want a Bee Clean near you.

Q. How long after a paint job can I use a drive thru car wash?

Generally it takes 3-6 months to cure a new paint job. Most new cars you buy from a dealership have already been run through a car wash multiple times to keep them clean either through a tunnel or hand washed onsite, which is just another form of a friction wash. Upgrading your wash to include wax protects your paint job from UV rays and harmful particulates.

Q. How long after repair paint can you run your car through a drive-thru wash?

We’d suggest talking with your auto painter for best advice on your particular paint job.

Q. How to use a drive through car wash?

For a detailed guide on the car wash process see our post, otherwise the summary is:

  1. Go to your nearest Bee Clean location
  2. Stop at bug prep, prep any bugs on mirrors/paint that have been baked on
  3. Drive up to the automated kiosk, pick a wash package and pay
  4. Pull up after the gate opens and cars will go into que based on purchase time
  5. Our Greeter will guide you on the conveyor, point to a sign that says “hands off your steering wheel, foot off your brake, car in neutral, antennas lowered” thumbs up.
  6. The roller will advance on the track and safely guide you through the wash tunnel, cleaning all along the way.
  7. When the light turns green on the sign at the end of the tunnel, please pull out a car is likely behind you.

Q. What’s the process in a tunnel car wash?

We explore the carwash process a more here, but the general run-down is:

  1. All tunnels start with high ph presoak (12+ ph) to break down particulates, oils, dirt and debris from the road.
  2. Next, we use a higher base, high foaming, base soap to wash and lift the emulsified dirt and debris from the car before the brushes come in.
  3. During pollen season, moisture that comes into contact with pollen on the surface of cars can activate the acids within the pollen grains and break down the clear coat and paint on your car and create a sort of glue that is hard to remove from your car. During these months we tend to use a higher alkaline presoak to help remove the pollen layer.
  4. Once on the track, the car wash slowly pushes you through by your back tire.
  5. Photo eyes scan your vehicle’s dimensions to tell the wraps and brushes exactly how to wash your vehicle.

Q. Who invented the drive thru car wash?

Good question. There are a handful of manufacturers still around from the carwash beginnings.

Q. Can I wash my lowered car?

Most cars fit the track. 3’¾” Clearance is required.

Q. Is my antenna safe going through a carwash?

Most of the time yes. Telescopic antennas? No. Please remove your antenna when possible.

Q. What happens if you get out of the car in a drive thru car wash?

You will get hurt. Do NOT do this. Bee Smart. Bee Safe.

Q. Why do my automatic windshield wipers not come on in the drive thru car wash?

This depends on your car. We require wiper blades to be off for safety.

Q. Are my vinyl wraps safe in a car wash?

The answer is yes. Our general manager has a wrap on his truck and has been washing it at least once a week for four years. recommend using wax every three to six months.

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