3 Tricks To Remove Dog Hair From Your Car With Items You Have Around The House

Welcome to Bee Clean Car Wash. My Name is Josh McCooey – I’m the General Manager. Here at Bee Clean Car Wash, we often times run into a lot of dog hair, human hair on the carpets. You’ll run into the same thing at the free vacs and I want to share with you some of the tips that we use here at the car wash that you can use at home. And you can tell us which one works best.

First we have, on this we have a latex glove. A latex glove uses static electricity and we’re going to pull up the hair so our vacuums can do the best job they can do to get the dog hair out of the carpets.

The second option is you have a pet hair and lint remover. It’s a pumice rock and so we’re going to try that.

The third trick is when you don’t have any of these things and you just want to use glass cleaner or water. Wet your hand down and you can remove the dog hair that way.

I’ll go through it and you can just let us know which ones you think work best, and those are the three tricks we use here at Bee Clean Wash #2.

Thanks for watching. We’re going to make a couple more videos of these for our community. As we were talking with Bee Clean corporate and with our team, we talked about adding value to the community. We have the free vacs, we have the free air, and we’ll do more free car washes for different community members like teachers and fire fighters but one of the things we want to make sure is that we educate our consumers, and our customers and our community about why we do what we do, and also about how to make life easier for you when you’re taking care of your vehicle. Feel free to comment on the section below. Let us know what your questions are. You can always contact us at Contact@BeeCleanWash.com. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day. #beeinformed.

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  • Use the bee regularly for car wash and vacuuming. Have been using the bee since it first opened. Great price plus freebies vacuum and bug prewash.😀

    Janet Jones Willinger Avatar
    Janet Jones Willinger

    Awesome wash! Very relaxing drive through. Loved all the smells of the awesome soap! Great quality wash. Our car never looked more shiny!

    John Pinson Avatar
    John Pinson

    Looking forward to the new location on 3009. A little closer to home.

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    Mark Peters
  • Usually I only get the 4.99 wash and I am satisfied. The one time I wasn't I let one of the employees know and I was told to go through... read more

    Samantha Spencer Hrapek Avatar
    Samantha Spencer Hrapek

    I love taking my car to Bee Clean Car Wash! I love how customers get the option of full/self service. And, the price is reasonable too! I always use the... read more

    Desiree Diane Gonzales Avatar
    Desiree Diane Gonzales

    I ❤ Bee Clean car wash!! You have to try this place out! The best 🙂

    Angela White-Smith Avatar
    Angela White-Smith
  • Great price and great service. The only place I wash our vehicles!!

    Jackie Martinez Avatar
    Jackie Martinez

    Fast and inexpensive!! Free air and vacuums are a plus �

    Joy Weatherman Avatar
    Joy Weatherman

    Best value around. The Free vacuum and air is nice. Be nice if they had a wringer and rinse for chamois. Can't wait for the one to... read more

    Edward Garza Avatar
    Edward Garza
  • I go about every other week , every other month, I get there wax job , just to keep the shell of my car protected,
    You probably...
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    Bill Liese Avatar
    Bill Liese

    Best car wash ever! Left there with shiny clean car!

    Elaine Fulmer Boyd Avatar
    Elaine Fulmer Boyd

    Best car wash in San Antonio!! Its awesome. Quick and convenient. I was incredibly satisfied

    Rudy Aleman Avatar
    Rudy Aleman

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