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What’s With The Pollen?!

By April 3, 2017 August 27th, 2019 No Comments

Itching, sneezing, watery eyes. You know the drill. That’s right! Spring has sprung! That means blooming flowers and the life of many trees. Also, hay fever. What is hay fever you ask? Hay fever is an allergy that causes the membranes of the eyes and nose to become inflamed and itchy. This allergy is caused by dust and pollen.
The pollen is everywhere. On park benches, office windows, the bottoms of your shoes. Each time you go outdoors, you risk coming back with a fresh, yellow glow. Sadly, this has led to copious amounts of pollen taking over your beloved cars.
The yellow film of pollen that settles anywhere from the roof of houses to the ground may seem harmless to your car; however, it is not. Pollen not only affects the outside of your car, but it can affect the people inside of your car if not properly removed. Worse yet, if pollen on your car is left untreated, it can actually corrode the body of your car.
Tree pollen, ragweed pollen, and grass pollen are especially high in San Antonio this year. This is why you most likely can’t open your front door without a letting out a slight sneeze. Don’t feel bad. Research suggests that about 50 million Americans suffer from allergies!
Pollen and other allergens can get into your car in many ways. One being frequently keeping your windows down. Pollen is permeating the air, the wind is blowing, and next thing you know you’ve got a dashboard full of pollen.Most cars are equipped with a pretty strong cabin air-filter. However, many people don’t know about this filter. Let alone change it out! This filter can screen out pollen and other air pollutants. But, it cannot do an efficient job if it is clogged and full of pollen. The first step to getting rid of those allergies is making sure you car is properly equipped to block them out. Change that cabin air-filter — STAT!

Now, protecting the outside of your vehicle is just as important!

Here are a few tips for protecting your car from pollen.

1.Change out your windshield wiper fluid. Keeping your windshield wiper fluid fresh ensures that it can spray that pollen away when necessary.
2.Check that the windshield wipers in the front and rear of your care are clean and free of pollen build up. That way, the “pollen paste” is not being spread all over your windshield.
3.Be cautious of parking under trees. This increases the amount of pollen that gets stuck on your car, in all between the crevices of your car, in the dashboard, stuck between the door handles, and even resting in between your car windows and your door.
Parking under trees is not only bad for the outside of your car, but the inside as well. When parking under a tree, all of the pollen that has fallen from the tree is collecting on the ground near your car. When you walk in this area, you pick up a good deal of pollen at the bottom of your shoes. This pollen is then brought into your car and whalaa! This is one way to end up with a car full of pollen. Not to mention, the massive amount of pollen that ends on your clothes.
If you don’t stay on top of your pollen situation, not only will your ride be miserable, but anyone that you give a ride will absolutely resent you for bringing them into a Class A allergy nest.
Keep your car clean on the outside. This will prevent pollen from possibly creeping into the inside of your vehicle, causing you to have a sneezy filled drive every time you get into the car.

How to keep the outside of your car clean?

Wash your car regularly in seasons of high pollen concentration! This will help protect your car paint from the damage that comes from pollen buildup and keep pollen from scratching the surface of your paint.
Many people don’t know why pollen is so dangerous for their car. The acidity of pollen that is particularly bad for your car’s paint. The good news, however, is that pollen needs another element to trigger this acidity — water. This means that, when your vehicle is covered with a “pollen paint-job,” rain will activate the acid properties which will, over time, deteriorate your vehicle’s paint. This also means that the pollen on your car must be carefully and correctly removed. Wax, such as wax sealant and paint protection options, is the best protection from this type of damage. This makes us think of a hot honey wax car wash.
Here at Bee Clean Car Washes, we can return your car’s exterior to its natural, pollen free color and our hot honey wax will provide a protective layer to prevent damage and reduce the amount of pollen that sticks to your vehicle.

Stop into one of our four Bee Clean locations today for a 3-minute hot honey wax wash. You’re sure to BEE satisfied with the finished product!