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The Steps to a Tunnel Car Wash

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Most people own a vehicle and enjoy driving it. They also enjoy keeping it clean. Car washes have remained popular for over centuries. Here is some information on what a tunnel car wash is and how it works to clean and get your car looking shiny!

Step 1. Put in Neutral & Hands off the Wheel!
Once you put your car in neutral, most conveyor systems have small rollers that pop up behind the wheels of your car. The roller pushes the wheel forward causing your car to roll along through the wash tunnel. The two types of conveyor systems that tunnel car washes use is either the front-wheel pull or the rear-wheel push. When it is going through the tunnel, your car will pass through an infrared beam between two sensors called a photo eye. Once that beam is interrupted by the movement of your car, it sends a signal to the digital control system. This computer then automates a portion of the car wash.

Step 2. The Wash Cycle
Tunnel car washes rely on high-powered jets and concentrated detergents to break down organic and inorganic material on your vehicles surface. They also use friction and sometimes heat. A soft cloth is moved around against the outside surface of the car. When you first drive in, you will notice most tunnel car washes load your car onto a track- this track will typically have wheel shines included in the wash as well!
Step 3. Working off the Dirt.

The first portion of the car wash is the pre-soak. Generally, a high PH presoak is designed to safely break down the organic material on your cars surface. Once it goes through the pre-soak, the detergent is sprayed on by a series of nozzles. Your car then will go through wraps and matters, which are the large vertical cylinders with hundreds of small cloth strips attached to them. Lastly, to end the wash there will be a blast of high-pressure water and a final rinse.

There may be more steps to a wash depending on the type of package you use, but that is the basics of how a tunnel car wash works. If you are interested in taking your car through the safest most state-of-the-art tunnel car wash in San Antonio, stop by Bee Clean Car Wash in San Antonio. Everything Bee Clean does is designed to clean and protect your car, from the biodegradable soaps to the closed cell, neoglide material that safely wicks away the dirt from the surface of the paint and properly discards the particles before the next vehicle enters. Visit our website to learn more.