The Effects of UV Rays on a Car

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UV rays come from the sun and cannot be seen with the human eye. They are not only dangerous to skin, but they can cause harmful effects on cars as well. The sun and heat can be very damaging to the interior and exterior of a car. Interior air temperatures can reach 145 Fahrenheit, and the surface temperatures on areas exposed to direct sunlight can reach to 195 Fahrenheit. It is not just the dashboard and seats that can get the most damage, the cars finish, and the engine is also at risk. Whether you live in a warm climate year-round or need protection during the summer months, it is always important to protect your car from sun damage.

Keeping your car’s interior and exterior is key to maintaining its worth over time. At Bee Clean in San Antonio, we offer car washes to protect your car’s exterior, and we offer interior cleaning as well to prevent any future sun damage. Many damages can occur to your car due to sun exposure such as:

• Cracking: on the paint of car, due to extreme heat.
• Fading: interior upholstery and carps of the car can fade from the rays.
• Safety concerns: airbags and major safety systems can be damaged due to extreme warmth.
• Broken belts and hoses: the heat caused by sun exposure can cause belts and hoses to break and detach.
• Low fluid levels: it is important to watch the fluid levels in your car to avoid overheating or breaking down.
• Inefficient antifreeze: check the antifreeze levels checked, and the strength of them tested to ensure you are using the correct antifreeze for your car.
• Lowered tire pressure: temperature can also affect tire pressure.

This can affect the driver because the damage can cause safety risks and a lower value of the car. When driving, safety should always be a number one priority for you, your passengers, and others on the road. These damages can affect the ability for you to control your car, the engine, tires, and starter. If the car breaks down due to the sun exposure, it can also lower the value which places risk if you are trying to sell it. However, there are ways to avoid damage from sun exposure.

Protecting your interior
• Park in the shade: this is the easiest form of protection. By avoiding direct sunlight, you will help keep your dash, seats, and steering wheel from cracking. If it is safe to do, crack your windows to help lower the interior temperature.
• Use windshield sun protector: this is a great way to keep your car cool and prevent sun damage.
• Wipe the dash with a microfiber cloth: dust and dirt can cause tiny scratches to form and become worse over time. Wipe down the dash frequently to remove the particles. You can also add a gloss detailing product to protect it and reduce the glare.
• Install seat covers: whether you have leather or fabric seats, the covers will protect the seats from any sun exposure.

Protecting your exterior
• Wash and dry often: the sun and heat can fade and crack the exterior paint. Frequent washing can help remove the dirt and dust particles that cause small scratches and dull your cars finish.
• Wax your car: a layer between the cars finish, and the sun’s UV rays is a great way to protect it. How often you should do it varies depending on the car’s finish, but it is best to do it on a regular basis.
• Checking tire pressure: hot pavement and low tire pressure can be a dangerous combination when driving. It is important to check the pressure often when it is hot out.

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