Vacationing at the beach comes with a ton of perks – the cool ocean breeze, calming sound of the waves crashing and the fantastic views of the shining sea. What else could you ask for? But, with those perks come a few negatives. Visiting the coast sound like a refreshing getaway but for your car, it may not be so easy. Specific environmental factors present in coastal location can cause or accelerate vehicle damage and corrosion.

Over time, the ocean air and coastal environment can affect your vehicle’s paint. When you are close enough to the beach, a sea breeze will carry the tiniest amount of salt from up to five miles away. Studies have shown that the combination of the salt air and the sun that’s present near the coast can destroy a car’s finish. This is because the hot sun increases the pores in the paint, which causes greater absorption of salty moisture. An increase in pores and absorption of salty moisture will ultimately create more corrosion. Issues will typically begin to show near your trunk or hood first. Your vehicles paint is not the only thing that will suffer. Other parts of your car such as the brake calipers, nuts and bolt can corrode as well. Salty humidity and dew are a few of the most significant factors in progressing corrosion.

It is vital for car owners near the beach to take a few extra steps to be proactive and ensure your vehicle stays in excellent condition. Here are some tips to keep in mind while visiting the coast:
• Seek cover for your vehicle to give it some protection from the sun and salt.
• Washing and waxing your car regularly. Doing this helps get all the unwanted salt and sand off your vehicle while keeping it clean and protecting the paint.

Car owners should value their set of wheels and be aware of the effects different environmental conditions have on their car. Parking near the ocean may have its negative impact on your car, but if you understand why the damage is happening and are proactive about taking care of your vehicle, you can enjoy a coastal visit while having minimal corrosion to your vehicle.

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