Planning A Road Trip? Check Out These Car-Care Prep Tips

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Spring Break is right around the corner! It is the perfect time to take a family road trip. Before you set out on your trek across America, you need to make sure that you have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. Not sure what are we talking about? Hitting the road takes a lot more planning than just throwing your clothes and toiletries in the back of the family car. Your family’s Spring Break is too important for unexpected car problems to steal the show. Before heading out, make sure your car is in the perfect shape to get you to and from your destination. Here are a few road trip prep tips!

Schedule a safety inspection on your vehicle to make sure that the windshield wipers fluids, oil levels, etc. are all at good levels. If you haven’t received an oil change in a few months, before your road trip is the perfect time to receive one. This inspection should also include:

  • Checking your battery. Don’t wait until you are stranded on the side of the road to get a new battery. If it has been a couple of years -or longer! – you should consider getting it checked or checking the leads to make sure they are secured. If the leads are not sealed tightly, great damage can ensue on the alternator.
  • Checking those tires. Before your road trip commences, check the rubber on your tires to make sure they are well equipped enough to make it to your destination. To check if you tires have a safe amount of tread, take a quarter and stick it upside down within the tread. If you can see the top of George Washington’s wig, it might be time for some new tires. You should also make sure that there is enough air in your tires. First, check your manual for your manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. Then, you can check your tire pressure using a gauge or the quarter trick. Consider the amount of time you will spend on the highway. This can affect the safe amount of tread for your trip.
  • Inspect your brakes. Your brakes take the heat in many stressful car situations! We tend to frequently abuse our poor brakes. They can be worn down, potentially causing even more problems in the future. That being said, you should make sure to get your brakes inspected before heading out onto your journey!
  1. Get a tune-up. Your car may have been mass produced but, after becoming part of the family, it’s situation became unique. That means, every now and again, you need someone to take a good look at what specific problems have developed in your vehicle. Your tune-up should include:
  • Replace your car filter if necessary. The cabin air filter is not a necessity; however, it makes your driving experience all the more pleasant. This filter keeps out smog, pollutants and allergens that may be in the air. The fuel-filter is a different story. It keeps impurities and miscellaneous particles away from the gas pump and engine so the filter is very important to the performance of your vehicle.
  1. Double check that you have your proof of insurance in the vehicle. It needs to be with you in the event of an unexpected problem. If possible, you should consider picking up a roadside assistance package just to be safe. These programs can alleviate the stress of car troubles in the event of a car breakdown.


  1. Pack your car is safely. Over-packing may not sound like much but it can be highly dangerous. Packing luggage and boxes above the driver’s rear-view visibility range is extremely unsafe. It can block the driver’s blind spots. Over-packing your vehicle can also affect your car’s performance. The excess weight puts your tires under more pressure and can reduce your car engine’s fuel economy.


  1. Get a car wash! Isn’t it better to travel in style in a fresh, shiny care? Imagine all your family road trip photos next to a vehicle covered in dirt and debris. We just imagined it ourselves and it wasn’t a pretty sight! Come down to your nearest Bee Clean Car Washes location and we’ll send you on your way with a wash that even the most in-laws couldn’t help but acknowledge!


Safe travels!