Did you know the average American spends 101 minutes per day driving? That means that most of us spend almost 2 hours of every day stuck behind the wheel! That’s a lot of time spent in our vehicles. When we have hectic schedules, we pack everything in our car to get us through the day. Living such busy and fast-paced lives will normally result in a messy car, and that’s normal. It can be hard to keep your car clean and organized if you’re practically living in it.

However, there are some risks you might not be aware of but you may have to face in your messy vehicle.



Loose objects

Any loose items in your car can pose a threat. If you brake suddenly, the items can go flying. While it might seem silly, the National Roads and Motorists’ Association said the force of gravity can cause a loose object to pack 20 times the punch that it would normally. Loose items rolling around on the floor could make their way to your feet and get stuck under your gas or brake pedals. If you can’t hit your brake because of a messy car, you’re in for a messy accident!


Trash left over from food or drinks can pose health hazards, too. Their crumbs and spills can cause your car to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Even pets can carry different bacteria, so vacuum out your car if you just had a furry passenger. Cars that carry children are more prone to carrying bacteria so it is even more essential for parents to clean up. One study even showed that a children’s car seat has twice as many germs than the average toilet!

Deadly bugs

Recent research released by the University of Nottingham showed that over half of cars could be harboring potentially deadly bugs like E.coli or MRSA. These bugs can be carried through bacteria. In their study, over half of the drivers said they drop food in their car and rarely clean their cars.


Tips for Keeping a Clean Car

What can we do to prevent ourselves from these risks? Take care of your car, and it will take care of you! We’ve all had to sit in someone’s messy car at some point in our lives. We might have even been the owner of the messy car. Don’t let your car embarrass you. We have some quick and easy tips to keep your car neat and tidy – even if you’re lazy or always on the go.


Keep Armor All Wipes or Baby Wipes in Your Car

Armor All is great if you have a leather interior because it can keep your car looking shiny. It’s also just a quick swipe to get rid of the dust or dirt that has built up. Keeping baby wipes is a cheaper alternative that can accomplish the same thing. Make sure to keep it stored in your glove box and out of the passengers’ way.

Use Compressed Air to Clean the Inside of Your Car

Clean Your Carpets!

Don’t you hate looking down at your feet and seeing last week’s lunch on the floormats? Don’t let crumbs or spills stink up your car. Drive your car to Bee Clean Car Washes and use our high-powered vacuums. They’re free so you have no excuse! Remove your floormats, and vacuum the carpet inside your car. Then, shake the floormats and vacuum them outside before placing them back in their place. Don’t forget to run the vacuum over the crevices of you seats and the carpet in your trunk.

Keep a Small Plastic Bag in Your Car

Tie the bag to a seat or anywhere you can see fit. If you have kids or are always on the go, you are probably bringing trash into your car all the time and forgetting about it. Keep a trash bag so things don’t pile up. Store your trash in the bag, and empty it each time you are at the gas station. You can even purchase a trash can for your car if you really want to invest in a clean car. Keeping your trash all in one place will help you declutter your car.

Keep Napkins or Tissues in Your Console

You never know if there is going to be a spill in your car – or even on your outfit!

Care for Your Cup Holders!

The cup holders might be the nastiest place in your car because dirt stays locked in because it can’t just fly away. Take a Q-tip and dip it in water or cleaning solution. Rub the Q-tip along the edges and scrub the bottom until the slime is gone. You can even invest in small car coasters to place in the cup holders to catch any condensation from drinks.

Keep a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer in Your Console

We discussed all the scary risks your car poses, and experts say simply using hand sanitizer helps protect against illness.

Use Organizers

This is an essential if you have kids who sit in the backseat! The organizer slips onto the back of the front seat. With organizers, your children car store their toys, sippy cups, snacks, or anything they desire! An extra plus, this adds extra protection from damaging the back of your seat if your kids like to kick their feet.

Keep a Folder of Important Car Documents

Your glove box is meant to give your car some extra storage space. Use an organizer or folder to hold copies of your car insurance, emergency contact information, vehicle registration, car maintenance receipts, and car handbook.

Golden Rule: When You Bring Something in, You Take That Something Out!

This will help you from keeping so many random items in your car. You’re not going to bring your purse in your car and leave it there when you go grocery shopping. Same goes for jackets, for example. If you are bringing a jacket to work, bring the jacket back home.


Keeping your car clean will not just help keep you safe from danger, but it will make long trips more enjoyable. Plus, every time you get in your car, it’ll feel brand new!

If your car is old, you might even be thinking about getting a new car soon – but that doesn’t mean you should stop maintaining the car you have now. Take care of your car so its value doesn’t decrease. Besides, if you keep avoiding taking care of your car’s interior, you might have to pay someone to detail it later. Visit us today, and we’ll help you ‘Bee Clean!’