When you choose to vacuum your car, you are helping the inside. You can remove hair, dust, dirt, crumbs, and things you did not even know were there! You and your passengers can enjoy the comfort and cleanliness when you are going for a ride. To get all these benefits, a good vacuum is needed! Here at Bee Clean in San Antonio, we offer free vacuums with or without a car wash! Make your car beautiful inside and out.

Vacuuming your car is simple. First, make sure you have the right tools. This would simply include a vacuum that can stretch into the inside of the car. Second, remove all belongings and trash to make your car clear and accessible. Lastly, start the vacuum! You can use the vacuum to pick up dirt trapped fibers either in the seats or ground. For areas, you cannot reach such as vents, nobs, and smaller areas, use a soft brush to pick up excess dirt and dust. Remember to clean the hidden areas in the car such as under the seats. That is often forgotten about which can lead to a dirt and dust build up.

Here are some tips you can use when you vacuum your car:

  • Vacuum per section. Thoroughly clean one part then move on to the next.
  • Hard to reach areas, use the brushes.
  • To vacuum pet hair, use a revolving brush because it can pick up extra hair that you might miss.
  • Use an upholstery brush to remove dirt from your leather seats. The brush breaks down the surface ensuring that you got all the extra dirt and dust.

If you choose to vacuum your car, you are helping it by ensuring that the interior will stay intact, and the surface is clean. This will not only benefit you when you drive but the passengers that come along with you. For a quick vacuum, visit any one of our five Bee Clean Car Wash locations in San Antonio. No purchase necessary to use the vacuums- just show up, clean, and go! Visit our website for a list of our locations.