It is the middle of summer which means road trips! That involves a lot of driving when temperatures are at their highest here in San Antonio. When the temperatures are at their highest or just the little bit of warm, its bug season! When you’re driving, you will expect to see an increased number of the bugs splattered on the front of your car and your windshield. Bugs are not your car’s friend; they never will be. That is because insect’s bodies are often acidic which can etch into the clear protective coat on automobiles. When you are going fast enough, the splatter can be small to large depending on the size and type of bug. It can start to dissolve the coat on the car and even leave noticeable etches that look like scratches. If you clean the car’s surface right after impact, no substantial damage will be seen. However, it is not often that people will pull over to wipe off dead bugs. Because of that, there are ways to prevent damage to car paint.

Get a Good Wax

The number one way to prevent paint damage on a car is good car wax. At Bee Clean, we offer a hot honey wax prep that helps protect the bugs from your car! Here is a list of the packages that include wax options:

  • Bee’s Wax
  • Queen Bee
  • Bee Hive
  • Super Bee (only available at certain locations)
  • Top Bee (only available at certain locations)

The wax will put a protective layer between the paint and the insects. Once the insects make an impact with the vehicle, they often splatter creating a more massive mess. You must be careful when removing the dead insects because you do not want to damage your car more. That is where the next step comes in:

Find Great Bug Prep

Many people try to take bugs off by wiping the car down with a dry towel, but that will cause fine scratches to occur. The best way is to use a solution to loosen and lift the insects. Some solutions can be insect remover or dirt remover. Those are the safest to use on the surface of your car and will not destroy your paint. If you do not have the bug prep materials, stop by your local Bee Clean! We have a FREE Bug prep that you can use to get those pesky bugs off your car.

Bugs do not just cause damage to the car paint; they also make the car very dirty. If you need a good car wash to clean up the other bug “splatter” and dirt, go to Bee Clean to get a wash and honey wax. Only want to rid your car of the bugs? The Bug Prep stations are waiting for you! There are many services that will help you car stay clean! Stop by your nearest Bee Clean or visit our services page for more details.