It is important to keep your car clean, why not save time and water while doing so? Using a drive through car wash can help you and your car with so many things. You can get so many different wash packages that can include wax, tire shine, air dry, underbody spray, and much more. There are also many car wash locations, no matter where you live. At Bee Clean Car Wash in San Antonio, we have five locations with three more under construction! No matter where you live in or near San Antonio, just know that there is a Bee Clean near you! Here are three reasons as to why you should use a drive through car wash to clean your car!

1. It saves you time!
Cleaning your car by yourself can take up a lot of time. Why not get it done in under 10 minutes? Depending on the wash package you choose, the time can also vary. No matter what wash package you choose to get done, expect it to be less than 20 minutes. Now you can use the rest of that time to run errands and catch up on some work.

2. Water recycling
Many cities in the US are on drought watch, meaning people must watch how much water they use, including businesses. At first, it can seem as though car washes use up a lot of water. At times, they have too to get cars clean, but there are ways to save and recycle that used water. Fact, a car wash uses less than half the amount of water you would use to wash your own car at home. Operating a car wash is a competitive and stressful business, so a lot of cars have to be washed to make a reasonable profit. The recycled water is normally used in the early rinses and to mix with the detergents. First, the systems draw water back from the settling tanks. Then they process the water and send that processed water back to the equipment for reuse. Most car washes use a RO system to filter the final rinse of water and even reject water it creates to be reused. Help the community you live in by saving water and heading to a local car wash!

3. Time to relax
Going through a car wash can be a fun and exciting experience. You get to sit back, relax, and watch your car get cleaned by impressive machines. Bring the kids with you to spend time getting to look at the bubbles falling all over, and water being dumped all over the car! It can make you feel like it is going to come into the car! Do not take all the time and hassle to hand wash your car yourself, sit back, relax, and watch the drive through car wash do it for you.

4. Retaining Automobile Value
Your car is one of the biggest investments you will make. Your car will run more efficiently and need less maintenance when it is clean. Upkeep can be time-consuming and tiring. Join the Bee Clean Wash Club for a low monthly membership. Joining the wash club will allow you to not have to worry about that dirt and can save you time and energy! We offer three different wash club memberships: “Bee Quick Membership”, “Bee’s Wax Membership”, and the “Queen Bee Membership”. All are offered at low monthly fees that can get you the best car wash in San Antonio! By getting a membership, it can also save you the money you use to purchase so many cleaning materials. If you are interested in purchasing a membership with Bee Clean or interested in stopping by one of our drive through car wash locations, visit our website to learn more.